Call for Board Members

Easyside is looking for three board members to join our team. Our ideal candidates would bring deep connections to their communities, enthusiasm for both art and social justice, and experience with fundraising.

The board primarily works to:

  • Increase and maintain Easyside’s funding
  • Provide insight and accountability to Easyside’s operations
  • Build connections for Easyside

Board members will generally:

  • Represent diverse perspectives (We are committed to representing our East side community’s demographics in our board of directors, and as such prefer applicants who identify as BIPOC and LGBTQIA)
  • Understand art as essential to quality of life
  • Be excellent communicators
  • Bring business and organizational expertise to the organization
  • Promote Easyside events with their networks
  • Be accountable to and work alongside Easyside’s Advisory Committee

Board members will specifically:

  • As a team, help Easyside achieve its operating budget ($50K in 2024)
  • Individually give/get $1,800 (per year while sitting on the board)
  • Attend meetings every other month by video call or in person
  • Commit to 2 year term limits

Easyside is looking for the following skills in board members:

  • Donor relationships
  • Fundraising / Event planning
  • Grant writing
  • Accounting / Financial planning

If interested, please send your CV to and we’ll follow up.

Thank you!