February Calendar

Our new calendar of events and programs is here! We spent January planning out the year and reflecting on feedback we gathered from artists and community members. These insights were invaluable in determining our path for this year, and we are launching several new programs based on this feedback:

Food Pantry: Open Hours

From our beginning, Easyside has been committed to providing food resources to our East Fort Worth community, along with serving the NTX artist and student communities. As we start out 2024, we are thrilled be delivering on that commitment with our on-site Food Pantry. The Pantry will be open twice a month to start, in the evenings on the first Tuesday, and midday on the fourth Friday. We’ll have fresh veggies, prepared food, and packaged goods in our Food Pantry, and they are free to all!

Speaking of fresh veggies, we’re super excited to be offering produce provided by Opal’s Farm, a 100% organic farm less than five miles from our studio. Check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook to learn more.

This month:
Tuesday 2/06 6pm-9pm

Friday 2/3 11am-2:30pm

Interested in supporting the pantry? Spread the word & consider donating or volunteering!

Easy Does It: Sketch Club

Two pieces of feedback that came up over and over were the need for more connection between artists and the need for more opportunities to grow in certain skills. To address this we are launching a new program, playfully referred to as “Easy Does It:” We’ll be hosting a rotating selection of events like book clubs, gallery crawls, photo walks, and more! This month we’re launching with a Sketch Club – a casual opportunity to gather with other artists at our studio and to work on some sketches. Think of this as less of a class or workshop, and more as a hang-out with other artists who sketch.

Saturday 2/17 1pm-3pm
3715 E Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth

Seed Swap

Our last event of the month will be a seed swap co-hosted with artist/educator/grower and East Fort Worth resident Whitney Johnson. We can’t wait to connect with other gardeners, farmers, growers in our community!

Saturday 2/24 4pm-6pm
3715 E Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth