Takeover/Takeout, an Art+Food Program

We’re very excited to share our new art+food program which we’re calling Takeover/Takeout! This will be a FREE monthly event featuring a “takeover” by a local artist or community organizer paired with “takeout” in the form of fresh, prepared, or packaged food, all shared with the artists, students, and community members who join us!

We’ll be kicking it off with an October takeover by two of the artists at Easyside, Francisco Josué Alvarado Araujo and Corrie Thompson. They’ll interview each other and share about their studios and practices, with takeout meals will be provided by 4DWN. Join us Saturday Oct 21st at 2pm at our studio location at 3715 E Lancaster Ave in Fort Worth.

Addressing food insecurity for artists, students, and community members is at the core of this program, but food insecurity might look different for different people. It’s not always about money – sometimes it’s about having time to shop and cook, or having access to healthy food from local grocers or restaurants, or having the knowledge on what to eat and how to prepare it. It’s a lot!

We’re not nutritionists nor sociologists nor farmers; we’re artists. So this program isn’t prescriptive about what you should or shouldn’t eat or who is or isn’t facing food insecurity. It’s open to all, and it’s geared towards those who want to engage with and support local artists. We’ve put together a short survey with questions like the ones above, so consider filling that out and then come by on Saturday to discuss some art and take home a healthy meal!