Easyside has a new home!

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve seen the news – Easyside finally has a place to call home! We’ve signed a lease for a location in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of Fort Worth (3715 E. Lancaster Ave. #109 #120) and we hope to open our doors by June 15th. With this space, we’ll now be able to host artist studios, a small gallery, a wood shop for artists, small events and workshops, and food distribution and pop-ups. We are so excited to start making this dream a reality for our East Fort Worth community.

Updates & Funding

Since announcing our new space, we’ve had new supporters who’ve stepped up to help meet our move-in goal, but we’ve also discovered some new costs. In addition to the money we had already budgeted to construct partition walls and to finish out the studio spaces, we’re also now splitting some major renovation costs with the landlord. On top of that, we need help covering monthly utilities, insurance, security, etc. We have artists secured for every studio in the space, but those artists are paying out of pocket; your support could help us cover their costs, freeing them to focus more on their art practices. Additionally, we are working to expedite our food programming, and your donation/partnership will help bring those resources to the East Fort Worth community even sooner.In short, we need supporters who are able to give regularly to support everything we are doing at Easyside. A list of fundraising goals can be found at the bottom of this post, but you can also give in other ways – time, resources, connections. If you believe in East Fort Worth, get in touch!

One-Time Fundraising Goals

Studio Build-Out: $2,500 – FUNDED!
NEW – Building Renovations: $2,500
Food Program Build-Out: $1,500
Furnishing: $1,500

Monthly Support Goals

Utilities, Security, Insurance, etc.: $500
Studio Sponsorship (x7)*: $350

*$350/month is roughly what it costs for each artist to have a studio with Easyside right now; your recurring donation can help lower costs for all artists!