June Updates & FAQ

Hello friends, we’re happy to share some exciting news and updates. But before any of that, if you’ve donated towards our latest campaign we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!

Since our last email we’ve completed our build-out! (Well, almost – paint is drying as we write this.) The past few weeks have been a whirlwind but we’ve had some amazing help from an incredible team of volunteers – huge thanks to them as well!

Now all that’s left is for artists to move in and for us to start using the space (after we reach our fundraising goal).

Four new artists will join founders Adrianna, Corrie, and Fernando as the first seven participants of our Studio Program. We’re also still looking for artists to participate in our Shop Access Program, so reach out if you or anyone you know may be interested (and see the FAQ below for more info)


The initial goal was $6,000 but now it’s $8,000 – what changed?

Our initial estimate for this campaign broke down to $2,500 for build-out, $1,500 for furnishings, and $1,500 for our food program, with $500 in miscellaneous startup costs. Our landlord, who has been a big help in this entire process, let us know that some of the building renovations we requested will need to be split between us, adding an additional $2,500.

Have we raised enough money?

Short answer: no. As of writing, we’ve only raised about half of our goal. That means we’re short on funds for furnishing the space, for starting our food program, and for covering building renovations.

Are we over or under budget?

So far we are right on target, coming in just under $2,400 for our construction (build-out) budget. We are still looking for more funding for our other projects, but we feel confident we can stick to the budget for those as well!

What helps Easyside the most, a recurring or one-time donation?

Right now, anything helps! We’ve received a combination of recurring and one-time donations, large and small, and it all helps us reach our goal. In the long-term, recurring donations of any size help us budget more effectively, secure capital for bigger projects, and demonstrate to other grant-giving organizations that we have ongoing grassroots support.

If I donate now, does it all go to the build-out? What if I want to donate to a specific program?

If you are interested in donating towards a specific goal, whether it’s artist studios, the gallery/education programming, or our community food program, let us know and we can make sure to set that money aside for that purpose. That said, our general budget literally keeps the lights on, so it always helps to receive non-specific donations.

What’s the difference between the Studio Program and the Shop Access Program?

Right now we are offering two levels of access to our facility. The first, our Studio Program, gives artists the opportunity to have a dedicated work space in our building, along with access to our shop and common areas. The second, our Shop Access Program, is a more affordable program that provides access to just the shop and common areas. Both programs are built as a semi co-op model, with participants having special access and responsibilities.

What type of programming and activities will be available right away?

Our timeline for programming is still flexible at this stage, but we can break it down by our primary programming areas:

1) Studio/Shop Program: Artists will be able to move into the studios by the end of June. Our shop should also open up progressively over the next month, with a goal to be fully equipped for woodworking by the end of July, with other areas like metal fabrication, ceramics, printmaking etc following throughout the rest of 2023.

2) Food Program: Now that we have walls, lights, keys etc. we are prioritizing finding partners to build out our food program. We’ve already been in communication with some, working to bring fresh food to East Fort Worth, but there have been some hurdles. Let us know if you’re interested or have ideas around this programming area!

3) Gallery/Education Program: Our micro-gallery is still in rough shape and will be the final piece of the building renovation puzzle. Along with donations from individuals, we are working towards specific grants to help get that program started. Curatorial and educational programming like art shows, workshops, or critiques depend not only on organizing artists and experts but also on basic things like lights, walls, and furnishings – chairs, tables, etc.